What do you look for in a man? Of course, we can all agree that looks come into play in the beginning, but once that wears off, what’s underneath has to hold some water. So what is it? He’s funny, he’s smart, he can kick your ass in Scrabble?

Harris O’Malley did some serious investigating into this topic. With so many men wondering what it is that they don’t have that another man might have, it seems like a logical thing to want to figure out.

Although a lot of men like to shoot from the hip and say that all women want is a rich, hot dude who can provide for them, this isn’t true. This is also 2012, so it shouldn’t be true. Through his Facebook and Twitter feed, O’Malley asked women to give him their input on what they find attractive in men; exactly what was it that drew them to people. Those who responded covered a wide spectrum of ethnicity and religion, but were mostly women 18-34. Although what people, both men and women, find attractive “tends to change based on cultural and emotional influences,” it was still passion that reigned superior as a quality to which most women are drawn.

Too many people are content to simply exist, following a routine of “wake up, eat, work, eat, sleep, repeat” day in and day out, living out Thoreau’s “lives of quiet desperation.” People with passion in their lives are driven. They don’t just meander or float through life, they have purpose. They have something they live for, something they care about with an intensity that you just don’t see often. There’s a part of their life that brings them fulfillment, that pushes them on and inspires them.

Well then, no truer statement has probably been made. How could someone be attracted to a person who just sits around collecting dust without even the slightest interest in the world in which they live? It seems awfully boring.

So, there you have it, ladies. Even if you don’t know it, you’re into that guy because of his passion for life. Yes, that guy who hasn’t left his living room for weeks because he’s so into that video game, because that is passion! That is dedication! That is also bed sores just waiting to happen.