Remember that movie Because I Said So? No? God, that’s because I end up seeing terrible movies. Anyhow, in it Diane Keaton tried to set up her adult daughter, Mandy Moore, by creating an online dating profile and then setting Mandy Moore up on dates despite the fact that Mandy Moore had a balloon stuck to her butt and wanted to marry a musician or something. I don’t remember it all that well. I do remember that the moral was that Diane Keaton needed to get a life.

So the world learned a lot from that movie. What it learned was to stop green-lighting bad movies just because Diane Keaton drunkenly agreed to be in them. Hah! No. The world learned that we need a site called Date My Single Kid.

It’s intended to allow “women over fifty” to set up their single children. I’m a little upset that I have to be over 50. What if I was 30 with a toddler, and I wanted to wed it to the king of France’s son in a lame bid to secure an Austrian-Franco alliance? Oh, then I’d be Maria Theresa and living in 1750.

Honestly, the whole concept does strike me as a little bit archaic. Though I suppose it wouldn’t be  uncommon in non-Western societies, and, given that Americans have about a 50% divorce rate, maybe we’re not going about picking mates all that well when left to our own devices. Still, while my parents are great, I generally think that I’m capable of handling my own romantic affairs without help from mom and dad.

According to the New York Post the site has “attracted 20 parents and their adult kids to sign up. One of them is Susan Grant, a merchandising manager for a jewelry showroom. She said the beauty of the site is that it’s the moms doing the setting up. “All the kids have to do is roll their eyes and blame mom for getting them involved,” she said.”

Which does sound nice, I guess? Would you be willing to let your parents set you up?