a wedding for two

There is a new wedding trend called “weddings for two!” There always seems to be a new wedding trend – like people getting married underwater, or some such – but this actually seems to be a sensible wedding trend, albeit one I have no interest in whatsoever, because I do not feel a need to fend off all my loved ones. According to Boston.com:

Wedding planners are calling this trend weddings-for-two, pre-planned elopements where couples wed in private with all the frills of a celebration for 200 people, but a guest list of zero.


Some might call this trend oxymoronic and question why a couple would spend thousands of dollars and countless hours obsessing over details that will never be experienced by a single guest.


Others may question whether or not it truly is a wedding-for-two if the photos end up on a blog (or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for millions of viewers to see, including the family and friends of the couple, who probably feel slightly offended that they weren’t part of the day.

Look, I think you are free to get married however you want. And I think that if you want to get married in a private ceremony, you should do that! A lot of people get very stressed out by planning weddings for all their friends and relations. But I do think part of the pleasure of having a wedding is that you get to see people you have not seen in a long time, and celebrate the changes occurring in your life with them. They are who the celebration is for. Not you, despite the fact that everyone talks about how a wedding is supposed to be “your special day.”

But, if you are millionaires who hate everyone you know, I guess this would work out excellently.

Picture via WENN.com