Love and money, money and love — the two are so inextricably linked that innumerable films as well as rap songs have been made pondering their tangled, timeless affair.

And while it might seem like we post-feminist fourth-wavers should have gotten well beyond factoring finances into our marriage decisions, a new survey done by Forbes Woman and YourTango finds that the modern lady is no fool — 75% said that they would not marry a man who is unemployed.

Now, obviously, it makes a big difference what we mean when we say “unemployed.” There’s the kind of unemployment that has to do with a lack of desire to be a functioning adult, but someone like that is probably missing a few other important qualities that a gal might be looking for in a mate.

But if the person you were planning on marrying lost their job, or is between jobs, or is going through a career change, and then you decide not to marry them, that’s a little trickier. On one hand, that smacks of marrying for money, which we don’t judge as long as you’re being honest about your intentions. On the other hand, well, shit is expensive, and if only one partner is employed, it can really put a damper on your plans for the future — house, kids, etc.

Then there’s the whole other issue of dating. Like Darrin, a sad, single, unemployed 31-year-old sack in Meghan Casserly’s Forbes post about the survey who laments his obligation to answer the question “What do you do?” from potentially interested women, I imagine that lots of men get the shaft in the dating world when they’re not gainfully employed. Although part of me suspects that some men — especially men who make a lot of money — might also wonder about the intentions of an unemployed lady who was pursuing them.

What do you think? Would you marry someone who didn’t have a job?