engagement ring

Would you pay for your own engagement ring? Look, before we get into this – and we’ll get into it – we should probably look at some of the history behind engagement rings.

The concept of an engagement ring became popular in the 19th century at a time when, if an engagement was broken, the woman’s reputation would suffer. People might assume there was something wrong with her – for instance, that she was sleeping around, or otherwise not good wife material. The woman was, legally, allowed to keep the engagement ring, which would represent a kind of financial compensation for her damaged reputation.

This really isn’t as relevant in the 20th century. When my friends have broken off their engagements I have never once thought, “That certainly happened because the lady was a trollop. I shall be her friend no longer.”

So… maybe it’s okay for women to go in on the cost of an engagement ring?

According to The Daily Mail: 

Modern brides are downsizing their weddings and spending money on that dream diamond instead… it seems that modern would-be brides are so desperate to bag their dream engagement ring they are chipping in to the cost themselves.

According to a new survey, a third of women are so determined to get the perfect ring they would go to any lengths to get it.

I mean, chipping in on a piece of jewelry you are going to be wearing does not strike me as a “going to any lengths” type of situation. Women are not fucking a monkey for an engagement ring. That is a “going to any lengths” type situation. That, or anything on Fear Factor.

Still, personally, I’d rather be presented with a ring by my fiance. I think it’s romantic, but I don’t really have a great argument for that beyond, “I like things being done in a traditional way.” How would you feel about this?

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