It’s possible that my personal political views are coming into play here, but I feel like if you’ve married someone like Barack Obama, you at one point did pretty well on the dating scene.

And it’s not just because Obama is the leader of the free world (although, you know, that’s pretty cool) — it’s because I have guzzled the Kool-Aid about him being sensitive and thoughtful, willing to admit his mistakes, willing to laugh at himself (did anyone see him on the Daily Show? Possibly still my favorite television segment ever), and he seems like a devoted parent.

Now, if some of what I see in Obama is part of his PR campaign — which I’m sure it is, because I am a cynical asshole and I think that most of what we see and hear and read in the news about public figures is part of a PR campaign — well, so be it. But some of those qualities, like being able to publicly admit mistakes and laugh at yourself, can’t really be faked.

They’re also what make most people, male or female, ready to enter into a serious relationship where you have to deal with another person’s bullshit.

That said, here is the very simple advice that Michelle Obama told ABC’s David Muir she will one day give her daughters about dating:

David Muir: What advice will you give to your girls when they fall in love? You’re about to have teenager.

Michelle Obama: What I tell young women, and I told these young people [in South Africa], choose people who will lift you up. Find people who will make you better.

Muir: You said the president has made you better.

Obama: Yes. I haven’t told him that so now it’s on the record, so he’s going to bring that up whenever I’m mad at him. And yes, of course I’ve made him better!

Love you Michelle. Also, good vest.

[via Huffington Post]