So, this is sad. A poll recently conducted by asked guys in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia if they owned any suits, and the majority of fellows under 34 answered in the negative. Specifically, 56% of men aged 29-34, 59% of men 25-28, and a whopping 64% of men 20-24 do not own one single suit. What gives, men?

Has the economy really grown so bleak that guys aren’t even trying to land job interviews anymore? Or maybe they can’t afford to buy suits in the first place? This is obviously terrible from an economic standpoint, but also from a selfish one. You see (and I think all ladies reading will agree), a guy wearing the right suit can be really, really hot. And no, this doesn’t mean I’m suddenly more attracted to finance guys than musicians, because this is a truth that cuts across all subcultures. Ten out of ten rock and roll chicks agree that a guy with tattoos poking out of a well-tailored suit is pretty much the hottest thing ever. My own boyfriend is a truck driving anarchist, and he owns a slim-cut black suit that makes him look quite suave. And of course, there are a ton of more conventional fellows out there who wear suits to work every single day. Simply put: you guys are missing out on a really easy way to appear more attractive.

Of course, there are lots of other reasons why a suit should come in handy. Anyone hoping to enter the white collar workforce needs a suit to wear to job interviews, and eventually, one of your friends will get married and you will need to show up looking like a person. Or funerals! Are you really going to go to your beloved great aunt’s funeral in a college sweatshirt and some ratty old jeans? But if you can’t bring yourself to purchase a suit for any of these practical reasons, do it for the added female attention. Seriously, your dick will thank you. Maybe you’ll even get married yourself, someday. Your suit will serve you well then, too.

(Via Refinery 29)