Some flings can make it to a sequel... awww...

Perhaps, “hot” is subjective. One person’s flaming hot fling is another’s cold fish fling, but if you’re looking to “fling,” you can easily have one — especially when you’re on vacation.

The best part about being away from home is being allowed to let go and maybe even stray from your usual ways. You’re prim and proper in your hometown, but on “vacay” you’re an irresistible flirt with a penchant for spandex dresses and lucite heels. You drink coconut beverages with li’l umbrellas in them and send back your filet mingon when it’s over cooked. Yeah, girl! You are the un-you and you’re going to take advantage of this time being un-you.

So, what are you going to do? You’re going to find yourself a dance partner wherever you are and have yourself a fling. You’re going to be picky (because you can be) and you’re going to be wild (because you’re not wild enough.) And this mini how-to guide is going to help.


Photo: Before Sunrise/Warner Bros.