zach braff garden stateWedding photographer Sascha Reinking was going through photos from a recent wedding when he noticed a llama-looking gentleman in all-terrain shoes smiling in the background of the coveted make-out-in-an-intersection shot. It turned out to be none other than JD Dorian Zach Braff, who was on his way to scale some rock walls and decided to enhance the photo with his epic mug. If every couple who took wedding photos smack in the middle of a busy street got photobombed by Zach Braff, I’d be totally on board with that dumb wedding trend.

Braff confirmed it was in fact him, tweeting:

I really, inexplicably cannot stand Zach Braff, and this is causing me to have a lot of emotions. I used to love him because obviously Garden State changed my life in every way possible, but puberty also changed me and I no longer find myself able to tolerate him. Frances put it really well in our staff’s conversation about our hatred of all things Braff, asking:

“Does anyone else just want to punch Zack Braff in the face repeatedly? I know, it’s totally irrational, but he just has one of those faces to me.”

He does just have one those faces. Joanna nailed it with her own question:

“Zach Braff—why are you?”

Indeed. Hopefully Braff will retreat to a life of baseball cap wearing obscurity and we won’t have to deal with him. Similarly, maybe everyone will shut up about their weddings for a second and we won’t have to deal with that, either.

And now for a personal appeal. Of all the weird, overwrought bridal poses, the making out in a crowded intersection might be my least favorite (tied with the rest of them). Please stop taking pictures in the middle of crowded streets. People have places to go, like their job or the hospital for an emergency appendectomy, and it’s bad enough when some tourists stake out the whole side walk to unroll the world’s biggest map and locate a side street in a different borough. But nothing is worse than trying to navigate your way around a huge dress and two people making out. Please just go get married and be happy and stay out of my intersection. Same goes for you, Braff.

Photo: Garden State (2004)