This is the way the world ends. First with a bang, then a whimper.

Sorry if that lede made you go “oof.” But you know what’s more painful than a bad pun? Horrible, burning, gonorrhea, all up in your shit, forever!

A new report from the World Health Organization states that new, drug-resistant forms of gonorrhea may soon put the clap in a new category of “incurable” diseases with potentially serious complications. While it was once easily treatable with penicillin, the disease has since evolved to resist most types of antibiotics, and now many cases must be treated with cephalosporins, the strongest antibiotic pill yet invented. And some of them are even becoming resistant to that.

Although often mocked as “the sailor’s scourge,” etc., untreated gonorrhea can cause “infertility, ectopic pregnancy, painful urination, and severe eye infections to babies born to women infected with the disease.” Basically: gonorrhea ain’t nothin’ to fuck with.

This frightening state of affairs was brought about at least in part by the unnecessary and/or improper use of antibiotics throughout the world, so thanks, assholes, for bringing about the germ-pocalypse I always knew you would.

I don’t want to sound like your mom here, but I think this is as good a time as any to remind folks to always use condoms until you and your partner get tested, because germs don’t care how few people you’ve slept with or what a nice girl you are. They will move into your body the first chance they get. I haven’t always been perfect about this in the past, and I bet many of you haven’t either, but superbugs should be as good a motivation as any to remember to wrap it up.

(Via US News)