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Girl You Know It’s True: Milli Vanilli Makes a Comeback

Girl You Know It's True: Milli Vanilli Makes a Comeback

According to, Fab Morvan, the remaining member of Milli Vanilli, is back on the scene with a video of “Girl You Know It’s True,” backed by his band from Amsterdam.

For me — and perhaps for you! — this is like a precious piece of childhood reclaimed. I remember that magical time after Milli Vanilli burst onto the scene, but before we all had our fantasies ruined when we learned that they were lip-syncing all their songs. In that fleeting moment, it was like the gods of dreadlocks, broad shoulders and good dancing converged to create a band, and that band told stories about the girls they loved, and you could pretend they were talking about you, age 10.
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