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Have You Ever Worn A Sexy Costume?

Have You Ever Worn A Sexy Costume?

I mean, to seduce someone. Not just for Halloween where wearing a sexy costume just means that you’re embracing the whoriffic aspect of the holiday. Why do I ask? I ask because on the new 90210 Anna Lynn McCord’s character wears this sexy Navi costume to seduce her love interest (they met on the Internet) (this would not have happened on the old 90210). Some questions this raises: More »

90210: Tori Spelling’s Nose Through the Years

90210: Tori Spelling's Nose Through the Years

As today is National 90210 Day (it’s probably not official, but I’m going to go ahead, bang the gavel and make 9/02/10 a national holiday), we are celebrating everything 90210. Alright, so we all know Tori Spelling got a nose job … or two … or three and possibly double digits of Botox injections and possibly a face lift and possibly some other facial plastic surgeries. She even revealed in her book, Stori Telling, that her mother told her she would be pretty once she got a nose job. Unfortunately, her mother didn’t tell her that matching her dress to her book cover at book signings is stupid and a little obnoxious. Ok, so I’m ripping on Tori a little. So let’s change the mood and celebrate her on this glorious 90210 day. Here’s to Tori, and the stori (hee) of her nose … More »