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N’SYNC Is Reuniting! Let’s Look Back On Their Top 12 Fashion Moments

N'SYNC Is Reuniting! Let's Look Back On Their Top 12 Fashion Moments

Children of the late nineties rejoice! Legendary boy band *NSync has just made a bunch of people very happy by announcing that they will reunite to perform at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards…even Justin Timberlake, who totally doesn’t have to do this. Angry little mall goth that I was, I was never that into *NSync growing up, but can certainly appreciate their cheesiness in hindsight, especially from a fashion P.O.V. From skin-tight muscle tees to weird shiny coats, the *NSync archives are a treasure trove of bad late ’90s/early 2000s fashion, confusing hairstyles and inadvertent homoeroticism. Let’s look back on their top 12 finest moments. More »

Hayden Panettiere Rocks Various Loud, Confusing Fashions In Nylon

Hayden Panettiere Rocks Various Loud, Confusing Fashions In Nylon

I’ve always liked Hayden Panettiere. She’s a decent actress, she seems to work hard, and she cares about saving the dolphins. She’s also never forced me to blog about her attention-mongering antics, which I appreciate. Hence, it is with a heavy heart that I say the styling in her latest magazine spread leaves something to be desired. I don’t know if it’s the cycle that fashion is entering right now (with the late ’90s being the next logical step, ugh) or the fact that she plays a country singer on Nashville, but they put her in some seriously questionable things here. That said, she obviously still looks pretty and the first image is cool enough (above), so it’s not a total loss. See if you agree. More »

The Ad Campaign For Rihanna’s Clothing Line Contains Much Skin, Little Rihanna

The Ad Campaign For Rihanna's Clothing Line Contains Much Skin, Little Rihanna

The first ever ad campaign for Rihanna’s critically acclaimed clothing line, Rihanna for River Island, has been released, and what an ad campaign it is! It features crop tops, door knockers, and combat boots in abundance, which is neat, seeing as not one other person has yet thought to bring back the ’90s. There’s also enough skin to make Delias’ slutty older sister blush. Why, it’s almost like someone consumed that whole tasteful decade, then considerately expelled it out of their rear end for our sartorial pleasure! Let’s take a look. More »

Gallery: Relevant Looks From MTV’s New Show ‘Weird Vibes’

Gallery: Relevant Looks From MTV's New Show 'Weird Vibes'

OMG guys, MTV is playing music videos again. What a funny and original joke I’ve just made. Anyway, I’m pretty excited about their new web show Weird Vibes. It’s produced by Shirley Braha, the same rock nerd who brought us the late lamented TV show “New York Noise,” and it features a lot of artists who I think deserve to reach a wider audience. Also: some fine outfits. Here are a few of my favorite looks from the very first episode, “It’s Not Easy Being A Buzzband.” More »

Shopping Guide: 17 Different Ways For You To Wear Sheer

Shopping Guide: 17 Different Ways For You To Wear Sheer

We’ve being seeing sheer everywhere for the past couple seasons and as much as people say it’s unwearable, the look is still all over runways and red carpets. Though fully sheer shirts and maxi skirts are still a huge challenge to pull off, the trend is surprisingly accessible when you realize that layering is your best friend… and that a sheer piece can actually add subtle sexiness–as opposed to ridiculous tackiness–to an outfit. So, we’ve put together a gallery with a variety of sheer pieces, from some that anyone can wear (cutout panels along the shoulders, sheer pumps) and some of the more balls-to-the-wall stuff that you can try under jackets and over camisoles. More »