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It’s the Celebrity Upper-Abs Guessing Game You’ll Never, Ever Win!

Itâs the Celebrity Upper-Abs Guessing Game Youâll Never, Ever Win!

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ve seen every celebrity and their mom/grandma/dog/etc wearing crop tops. Because of this, you’ve probably become more acquainted with stars’ upper abs than you ever thought possible! ‘Cause, ya know — the high-waisted bottoms/crop top pair is the way to go! But just because you’re seen tons of stars rocking the cut-off shirts doesn’t mean you know ‘em as much as you may think. More »

Behold, The Man Shrug

Behold, The Man Shrug

Specially designed for people whose arms are just too muscular to bend, thereby preventing them from executing the douchtastic shirt pulled up, abs exposed photo-op. We have The Situation to blame for this.  The shirts are from Frankie Morello spring/summer … More »