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Questions I Asked Myself As I Thought The Plane Might Crash

Questions I Asked Myself As I Thought The Plane Might Crash

I’ve never classified myself as “strong.” I am afraid of the dark. I am afraid of the sun. I am afraid of unfamiliar people, surroundings and situations. I am the first person to say, “Guys, I don’t think this is a good idea” and the last person to jump the fence. But for some reason, I’m strangely calm in situations where I think I might die.

I have been faced with the very real possibility of death only twice, and I have learned that while I cry when I fall down the stairs, I do not get upset when I am hit by cars or punched in the face or when the plane seems like it might go down. More »

Airplane Bathroom Portraits “In The Flemish Style” Are Fantastic

Airplane Bathroom Portraits "In The Flemish Style" Are Fantastic

We’re late on this but it is delightful. Wonderfully inventive goofball Nina Katchadourian slips into airplane restrooms and adorns herself with all manner of available accessories–namely paper towels and inflatable neck-supporting pillows–to create portraits of herself “in the Flemish style.” All the photos are taken in-flight using a camera phone and lit only by the stall’s shitty overhead lights. The results are so much greater than the sum of their parts. More »

What’s the Grossest Airline Behavior You’ve Ever Witnessed?

What's the Grossest Airline Behavior You've Ever Witnessed?

Last week, my friend “Brenda” was flying home from a family function. Because the tickets were last-minute, she wasn’t able to sit next to her husband. Instead she was seated next to a woman who – you’ll never believe this – spent the entire flight plucking her arm hairs out with tweezers. Yes, you read that properly. She was using tweezers to pluck every single individual hair out of her arm. In public. Where other people could see her. More »