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7 Men You Should Avoid Dating

7 Men You Should Avoid Dating

Let’s face it: dating’s rough. You don’t know who people are until the moment they show their true colors. Whether that moment is them sending you smiley and wink faces via text message or when they yell (like really yell) at the guy who stole your cab, it’s difficult to pin-point who a person really is before you fall too deep into a relationship. wrote a guide of the five types of women men should avoid dating so men can fit each girl they meet into one of these general stereotypes and if the girl doesn’t fit, then she’s totally dateable. More »

5 Guys Who Should Be ‘The Bachelor’ Instead of Brad Womack

5 Guys Who Should Be 'The Bachelor' Instead of Brad Womack

There are rumors going around that the next Bachelor is going to be a former Bachelor – Brad “I Choose Me” Womack, who was famous for rejecting all of his potential wives on the show. While it’ll be a really interesting gimmick to bring Brad back, we have a couple of suggestions for other directions the show could go in. And some of the directions are really hot. More »