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9 Ways To Trick People Into Thinking You’re A Fancy Wine Connoisseur

9 Ways To Trick People Into Thinking Youâre A Fancy Wine Connoisseur

Have you ever encountered a major wine snob? If you’re the kind of person who enjoys wine because it tastes and feels good, but you don’t make it some big to-do, those who get precious about fermented grape juice might make you want to roll your eyes until it hurts. In fact, they can make you want to just chug all the wine or just pour the bottle out on your body like you’re at some cult of Dionysus drunken orgy. It’s okay to make wine a hobby, but it’s not entirely appropriate to whip out your knowledge with people who just want to drink it. More »

How To Raise Your Daughter To Be A Drug Free Designated Driver

How To Raise Your Daughter To Be A Drug Free Designated Driver

I would imagine that being a parent of teenagers only grows more terrifying with each passing year and season of Pretty Little Liars. The world is basically one giant electric socket for your teen to stick a fork into, and teens seem to just run around with forks in hand, ready to get shocked. That analogy sounded better in my head–maybe I stuck too many forks into too many sockets in my teen years. More »

The 9 Best Hangovers Cures…That Just Don’t Work

The 9 Best Hangovers Curesâ¦That Just Donât Work

So you went a little hard last night and now you’re feeling fatigued, headache-y, and maybe a little pukey. I feel for you, dude! Hangovers are easily the worst. Anybody who has ever partied knows that. If only there was something you could do about it! Other than wallowing in your suffering while you rest, drink water and wait it out, there is nothing you can really do. Unfortunately anyone who offers you a hangover remedy is either fooling themselves or a trickster preying on your susceptibility to the placebo effect. More »