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10 Extremely Ridiculous Quotes From Miley Cyrus’ Edgiest Interview Ever

10 Extremely Ridiculous Quotes From Miley Cyrus' Edgiest Interview Ever

Miley Cyrus continues her massive press tour to alienate the entire world today, with a just-dropped cover of Rolling Stone, upon which she is naked. She is also topless in almost all of the photos inside the magazine. Of course. The accompanying interview is replete with what has now become Cyrus’ rather particular brand of outrageous obliviousness, self-mythologizing and brazen ego. She’s like Lady Gaga smashed together with Kanye West with a sprinkle of twerking!

…Oh, and a shitload of name dropping. In fact, most of the interview is just Cyrus pointing out which famous people really admire her as an artist–and then quoting them. Let’s begin. More »

Dear Alec Baldwin: Shockingly, It’s Still Not Cool To Say Homophobic Stuff When You’re Mad

Dear Alec Baldwin: Shockingly, It's Still Not Cool To Say Homophobic Stuff When You're Mad

You know how Paula Deen is using the whole, “I was really mad at that guy so I called him the n-word!” defense, and other people are all, “It’s okay because it’s just when she was really mad!” and it is kind of infuriating? Well, that fury must be steadily maintained for when people say homophobic things as a result of their anger at another human being, too. I’m talking to youAlec Baldwin! More »