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Company That Makes Wendy Davis’ Pink Sneakers Declines To Comment On Political Fervor Surrounding Them

Company That Makes Wendy Davis' Pink Sneakers Declines To Comment On Political Fervor Surrounding Them

As many have pointed out already, the political story behind Wendy Davis‘ heroic filibuster is way, way more important than the sneakers she was wearing on her feet. I mean, who cares? An archaic feat of strength on Davis’ part was all that kept America’s largest state from taking away a woman’s right to choose in this, the 21st century, but hey, what kind of shoes was she wearing? More »

Gallery: Bic’s Ridiculous ‘Pens For Her’ Inspire Hilarious Amazon Product Reviews

Gallery: Bic's Ridiculous 'Pens For Her' Inspire Hilarious Amazon Product Reviews

Every now and then, an Internet-savvy group of people will invade the product reviews section of something for sale on and leave a ton of snarky comments. Such is the case with Bic’s pens “for her,” which recently experienced an influx of awesomeness the likes of which I have not seen since the infamous Three Wolf Moon shirt. In fact, these reviews might be even better than those, in that they make fun of sexism in general, and those only made fun of a t-shirt. Here are a few of my favorite comments that have piled up so far. More »

Friday Style Icon: Peg & Kelly Bundy Of Married…With Children

Friday Style Icon: Peg & Kelly Bundy Of Married...With Children

Married…With Children was a cool show because it aimed for ugly authenticity in a time of sitcoms about child geniuses and togetherness and bullshit. Married… With Children was all about oppressive workdays and jello salad and chainsmoking and not being sexually attracted to your spouse anymore and being an embittered shell of a person (and belly tops!). I watched the hell out of this show growing up (because it came on before or after The Simpsons) and it was great. Peg and Kelly’s outsized, tacky style both lend themselves to excellent Halloween costumes, too, so here we go! More »

Friday Style Icon: Thora Birch As Enid From Ghost World

Friday Style Icon: Thora Birch As Enid From Ghost World

Terry Zwigoff’s Ghost World (based on Daniel Clowes’ comic of the same name) follows two alienated teenage buddies, Rebecca and Enid, who’ve just graduated high school and drift around their small anonymous American town trying to figure out life stuff. …They don’t. Well, Rebecca (a teenage Scarlett Johansson) gets a job and begins taking on new responsibilities, which Enid resents and dyes her hair and then ends up just running away. But Enid is a pretty cool central character when you too are a self-centered, disaffected teenage girl. So, thanks Enid. Thank you and your many animal prints. More »

Get Gorgeous: Essential Buys For Luminous Summer Skin (At Every Price)

Get Gorgeous: Essential Buys For Luminous Summer Skin (At Every Price)

A beautiful French friend told me that she’d read a study about the beauty buying habits of American women versus French women; she said that while American women spend the majority of their money on cosmetics, French women are suckers for skincare. I’m not sure of the exact study she cited (and 68% of all statistics are made up on the spot) but it seems to me the most crucial beauty investment a women can make is in the wellbeing of her skin. As fashion and beauty writers, we at TheGloss get to test and try a spectacular array of products, but these are the ones currently taking up our shelves. All the products herein are ones we use ourselves (and love). And though some may balk at the mention of high-end indulgences from La Prairie and SK-11, we also rely on a small army of super affordable drugstore buys from Complex 15, Purpose and Cetaphil. More »

Become Our Facebook Fan, Enter To Win $100 To Amazon’s Swim Shop

Become Our Facebook Fan, Enter To Win $100 To Amazon's Swim Shop

Now that summer is upon us, it’s time to get the perfect outfit for sitting by the pool or on the beach. And by the perfect outfit we mean, naturally, a bathing suit. We know it’s daunting to find the perfect suit, but we want to make it just a little bit easier — by offering one fan of TheGloss on Facebook $100 towards the swimsuit (or accessories) of your choice at’s new Swim Shop. More »

Friday Style Icon: The Ladies of ‘A League Of Their Own’

Friday Style Icon: The Ladies of 'A League Of Their Own'

Last week Jennifer and I were figuring out some upcoming Friday Style Icons because I didn’t want every week to be about mining ’90s movies I liked as a child. And we immediately concluded, Let’s do A League of Their Own! Unfortunately, A League of Their Own is the opposite of what we were trying to do. So I did a gallery of awesome Chloe Sevigny looks. This week, as we were compiling stuff for our tribute to the ladysports classics, intrepid intern Jill was like, “Just like Nylon!” and we were like, “WHAA?” Then she broke our fucking hearts by showing us a spread in this month’s Nylon about makeup inspired by A League of Their Own. Since we’d already gotten a bunch of images together, we were like, fuck it, it’s okay, people can accept that two separate entities arrived at the same obscure idea independently. Right? Right? More »