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Gallery: Amber Rose’s Old Clothes Are Now For Sale On Ebay

Gallery: Amber Rose's Old Clothes Are Now For Sale On Ebay

Attention, curvy-but-tiny women and creepy Amber Rose fans! The famed model/hip-hop groupie is currently selling a bunch of her lightly-worn clothes on Ebay Fashion Vault, and most items are still under $100. Run by a company called Auction Cause, the sale of these items will presumably benefit some nebulously defined good cause (i.e. “charity”), so I can’t be too mean about it. The clothes don’t look the same without Rose’s ridonkulous curves filling them out, but they still look nice enough, because they are insanely expensive designer clothes. Here are some of the most enticing items. More »

Amber Rose Got A Face Tattoo

Amber Rose Got A Face Tattoo

“Model and aspiring singer” Amber Rose appears to have gotten a face tattoo. Let’s take our time to savor that: Face. Tattoo. She was photographed sporting the regrettable decision in Miami over the weekend, alongside boyfriend Wiz Khalifa. Since Rose is famous at this point (essentially) for stunts like this, we’re thinking there’s a 50% chance the tattoo is real. More »

Party Favors: Genetic Blessings

Party Favors: Genetic Blessings

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