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James Garfield vs. Andrew Garfield vs. Garfield

James Garfield vs. Andrew Garfield vs. Garfield

It’s an oft repeated maxim in our culture that power is sexy. However, in recent years the twin allures of looks and celebrity have threatened to surpass that of political achievement in terms of Net Groupie Attracting Ability (NGAA) for our male public figures. To examine this shift in greater sociological detail, I’ve constructed a “Who’d You Rather” for the ages in which 20th US president James Garfield must compete against two other great Garfields: Andrew, and The Cat. More »

Party Favors: Congratulations, You’re a Freak

Party Favors: Congratulations, You're a Freak

Not a Valentine’s Day fan? Now, there’s a new holiday just for you: “Break Up With Your Ex” Day is on February 13. Time to defriend him once and for all. – YourTango

Time to come out of the closet … as a sex freak. – College Candy

How celibate is your relationship? (Don’t worry, “not at all” is an option.) – Blisstree

Yes, you can be a feminist and still appreciate the art of chivalry. In some places, they’re just called manners. – The Frisky

Tips for the perfect date at a museum include “don’t give your own mini-tour” and “pick a time it’s not super crowded.” – HowAboutWe

Are you guilty of “financial infidelity,” also known as being dishonest about money? – MyDaily

Life advice: if you’re posting pictures of your for-rent apartment on Craigslist, make sure your dildo isn’t in the shots. – Nerve More »