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Victoria’s Secret Has Read Former “Angel” Kylie Bisutti’s Confessions And They Are Not Pleased

Victoria's Secret Has Read Former "Angel" Kylie Bisutti's Confessions And They Are Not Pleased

Remember how we brought you the story of former “Angel” for Victoria’s Secret, model Kylie Bisutti? She’s writing a tell-all called I’m No Angel (it’s almost like she is titling it to inform us she’s a total wanton, except what she really means is she can’t be all slutty like those cray cray real Angels! What clever tom foolery!). In it, she describes the world of modeling for VS at length, criticizing their contrast in moral compass to her own. Well, Victoria’s Secret has heard Bisutti’s words and they have a few choice ones of their own — including calling her a serious liar about some very basic details. More »

How To Get Victoria’s Secret Angel Hair

How To Get Victoria's Secret Angel Hair

We know you want that body. Wait! Mean the hair’s body. And incredible volume. That is to say, the kind of body you can get while still eating potato chips. Sally Hershberger Downtown stylist Rebekah Forecast, who works with the Victoria’s Secret models on their photo shoots, gave us these tips on how to duplicate the Angel’s look: More »