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Makeup Inspired By: Slimy, Slippery, Splashy Snails

Makeup Inspired By: Slimy, Slippery, Splashy Snails

When I was a kid, I used to love beetles and snails and all things colorful that crawled. Nowadays, I’m one of those people who becomes hilariously frantic when arthropods are anywhere near me, but I still love snails.

This week, I wanted to pay tribute to our lovely little friends who leave pretty trails behind with their slime. This was kind of a weird tutorial to do since it uses so many different shades, but I wanted to play up the blended, multi-hued nature of these guys, as well as the aforementioned slime trails.

Perhaps not Gail the Snail so much, though… More »

Animals In Addition To Cats I’d Like To See On The Cover Of Magazines

Animals In Addition To Cats I'd Like To See On The Cover Of Magazines

Have you seen the cover of Women’s Day from 1964? It’s… really only cats. Just cat picture after cat picture. It’s magnificent. According to the description in The Village Voice:

Since it’s adorably fuzzy, impossibly cute, and somehow able to predict the specifics of our tech future, you might think that the January 1964 issue of Woman’s Day somehow had to be guest-edited in Japan. But no. It is instead exactly what it looks like: a magazine issue that doesn’t just announce what the future will be like: It actually resembles that future. Just pages after the article “Your Fabulous Future” predicts that mothers will carry “a pocket device” with a “pocket radio-television-telephone” that will “enable her to survey her children no matter where they are playing,” the prescient souls at Woman’s Day actually demonstrate exactly what–besides America’s children–will most often appear on everyone’s pocket TV/communicators: adorable kitties.

Right, just in case you were feeling a need to break out of the mold, I’ve been thinking about some other options. Namely: More »

A New “Cat Cafe” Is Opening

A New "Cat Cafe" Is Opening

There are lots of things you can put with a cup of coffee to improve it. Biscotti, for instance, which I only recently realized is delicious when you dip it in coffee (instead of just treating it like a cookie that failed to be delicious). Also, 1930′s music. Starbucks is onto that.

Also, cats. Dozens and dozens of cats. More »

Whales Have Adopted A Deformed Dolphin

Whales Have Adopted A Deformed Dolphin

Animals are people, too!

No, they’re not, not really. But I remember a scene in this terrible Greg Kinnear movie called Dear God where the characters say that the ability to care about people other than ourselves, even different from ourselves, is what separates man from beast. Wrong! Incorrect, Greg Kinnear movie! A pack of whales has accepted a deformed dolphin into their midst and now he is a part of their whale family. More »