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Teen Girl Instagrams Anorexia Recovery, Shows Social Media Isn’t Always The Worst

Teen Girl Instagrams Anorexia Recovery, Shows Social Media Isn't Always The Worst

Social media can be a terrible hotbed of brutal #proana sentiments and triggering nonsense. The internet can be an unhealthy world for sick girls to retreat to where eating disorders are glamorized and encouraged. Apparently, it doesn’t have to be like that and social media can be a nice thing. One instagram at a time, this rad teen proves the internet can be used for good and that recovered life is way more positive than the throes of a disease like anorexia.
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Stop Calling It Manorexia

Stop Calling It Manorexia

There are stories about eating disorders day in and day out. It’s sick, but we love to hear about people who have lost their ability to feed themselves adequately. Though we can’t stop chattering about them, we never seem to be getting the conversation about eating disorders quite right. We screw up in a lot of ways when we discuss eating disorders, but among the most egregious missteps is how we treat those we wouldn’t expect to be sick.  Can we please stop associating eating disorders with privileged white girls and start accepting that they happen to all kinds of different people? More »