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Armani Is (Possibly) Selling Diapers In Russia

Armani Is (Possibly) Selling Diapers In Russia

When some babies poop, parents want diapers they can dispose of afterwards. Those parent seem pretty modern and efficient. Some want cloth diapers they can clean and re-use. Those parents seem either environmentally aware or cost conscious. And then there are parents who seemingly want Armani diapers, and those parents seem completely batshit insane. More »

Giorgio Armani’s LSD Story

Giorgio Armani's LSD Story

Sometimes, it’s nice to know some extraordinarily famous designers are just as goofy as that awesome-turned-strange-turned-sad guy you knew in college who used to rant about lizards speaking revelations to him but now just hangs around at dirty collective houses in Berkeley because tripped out his brain for four straight years. Well, maybe not “nice,” per se, but certainly fascinating. Giorgio Armani apparently falls into that category. More »