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In Defense Of #Selfies

In Defense Of #Selfies

Much has been made, on this website and others, of the colossal amount of vanity it takes to constantly take and share “selfies.” Why, just last week, I used this platform to mock those who thought a fucking funeral was a good time to take one, because seriously people, that’s fucked up. But is there ever a time when the social media self-portrait can be a healthy mode of expression, particularly for the young women who make up the vast majority of its practitioners? One need only look at the selfie with which I have illustrated this article to know I must answer “yes” to that question or risk being a total hypocrite. More »

Airplane Bathroom Portraits “In The Flemish Style” Are Fantastic

Airplane Bathroom Portraits "In The Flemish Style" Are Fantastic

We’re late on this but it is delightful. Wonderfully inventive goofball Nina Katchadourian slips into airplane restrooms and adorns herself with all manner of available accessories–namely paper towels and inflatable neck-supporting pillows–to create portraits of herself “in the Flemish style.” All the photos are taken in-flight using a camera phone and lit only by the stall’s shitty overhead lights. The results are so much greater than the sum of their parts. More »

Portraits Of Extreme Plastic Surgery Ask: “Can Humans Create A New Kind Of Beauty?”

Portraits Of Extreme Plastic Surgery Ask: "Can Humans Create A New Kind Of Beauty?"

Photographer Philip Toledano‘s series “A New Kind of Beauty” raises some interesting questions about the relationship between plastic surgery and beauty–questions we’ve wrestled with on this very blog. Can altering oneself cosmetically be a form of self-expression? Or is it always, at least in part, determined by prevailing opinions about beauty? Opinions, of course, that are often sexist, racist, classist and all kinds of barbaric. Toledano’s strange, unsettling images concern those who have taken plastic surgery to extremes, but depicts them in classical portraiture. More »

Someone Photoshopped Women In Masterpieces To Look Thinner

Someone Photoshopped Women In Masterpieces To Look Thinner

Have you ever looked at a classic work of art and thought to yourself, “I really like the Birth of Venus, but it looks like she’s still packing on that baby weight, if you know what I mean…” or perhaps even, “Odalisque? More like OdaBESE…”? If so, you are a gigantic asshole but kind of charming anyway? Because you’re so erudite? Anyway, madcap genius Anna Utopia Giordano decided to digitally slim and tone some of history’s most beautiful nude subjects. See the strange changes to Botticelli, Gentileschi and Bouguereau ahead. More »

Party Favors: Johnny Weir On Your Face

Party Favors: Johnny Weir On Your Face

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Party Favors: See Sally Draper’s Immaculate Closet

Party Favors: See Sally Draper's Immaculate Closet

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