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Gallery: 10 Celebrities Who Did The Master Cleanse And Lived To Tell About It

Gallery: 10 Celebrities Who Did The Master Cleanse And Lived To Tell About It

One of the most popular crash diets in the world of celebrities, models and health nuts is the Master Cleanse, a week or two of subsisting on a spicy concoction of maple syrup-based lemonade. We’ve had lots of friends do the cleanse–sometimes called “the lemonade diet”–and although everyone reports that it’s nice to reset your sugar cravings and regain a little self-control… none of them were very pleasant to be around. Here’s some famous people who’ve lost a lot of weight and maybe a little humanity on the Master Cleanse. More »

Ready-To-Click:Willow Smith’s Style Evolution

Ready-To-Click:Willow Smith's Style Evolution

Have 11 year olds had time to evolve yet? -StyleList

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Party Favors: 40 of Daphne Guinness’ Most Memorable Looks

Party Favors: 40 of Daphne Guinness' Most Memorable Looks

The many (many) (many) terrific and astonishing high fashion looks of Daphne Guinness. -Fashionologie

How much do street style photographs fetch? The answer may surprise you. -Styleite

What makes a great first date? No creepiness, no awkward moments, and more. -The Frisky

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L.A.-based skincare guru Kate Somerville is set to introduce a round of a new products especially targeted for the sunnier months. -The Inside Source

Ashton Kutcher is back to his old modeling tricks, this time alongside Alessandra Ambrosio. -Catwalk Queen More »

Ready-to-Click: Baldwin, Baldwin On The Wall

Ready-to-Click: Baldwin, Baldwin On The Wall

Annie Leibovitz shot a handful of celebrities as Disney characters, such as Alex Baldwin as the magic mirror. -Styleite

Terrific backstage shots from Paris Fashion Week, from Rochas to Gareth Pugh. -Fashionologie

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Alessandra Ambrosio lounging in various states of undress alongside Ashton Kutcher. -Fashion Etc

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I Don’t Need a Cheesy Natalie Portman Romcom to Empower Me Sexually, Thanks

I Don't Need a Cheesy Natalie Portman Romcom to Empower Me Sexually, Thanks

The new Natalie Portman/Ashton Kutcher romantic comedy No Strings Attached is about two people who, well, sleep together with no strings attached. If not for the fact that Portman is getting Oscar buzz for Black Swan and needs to be in the news right now, this movie would probably get buried and we could all move on with our lives. But instead, we’re being treated to pearls of wisdom from Ashton Kutcher. He said that he hopes young women will be “empowered” by Portman’s character. More »

Party Favors: The Most Depressing Flirting Quiz Ever

Party Favors: The Most Depressing Flirting Quiz Ever

Want a fling? Sure, pick a pretty boy. Want a life partner? Pick a nerd. – Lemondrop

How much would you pay for the sweater worn by a girl who had sex with Ashton Kutcher? Apparently some people on eBay would pay thousands. – Betty Confidential

Feel good about the way you flirt? You won’t after taking this quiz. – HowAboutWe

Can good dental hygiene lead to a good love life? Yes, and not only if you’re Emma from Glee. – YourTango

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