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Good News: Rihanna Isn’t With Chris Brown, Bad News: She’s With Ashton Kutcher

Good News: Rihanna Isn't With Chris Brown, Bad News: She's With Ashton Kutcher

What were you doing last night? A Wednesday night… probably sleeping? Maybe catching a little America’s Next Top Model? Don’t worry, I won’t judge you. But I might have to judge a certain someone whose name starts with “Ri” and ends with “hanna.” Because while most of us were cuddled up in bed, she was supposedly having a bootie call with Ashton Kutcher. More »

Gallery: 10 Celebrities Who Did The Master Cleanse And Lived To Tell About It

Gallery: 10 Celebrities Who Did The Master Cleanse And Lived To Tell About It

One of the most popular crash diets in the world of celebrities, models and health nuts is the Master Cleanse, a week or two of subsisting on a spicy concoction of maple syrup-based lemonade. We’ve had lots of friends do the cleanse–sometimes called “the lemonade diet”–and although everyone reports that it’s nice to reset your sugar cravings and regain a little self-control… none of them were very pleasant to be around. Here’s some famous people who’ve lost a lot of weight and maybe a little humanity on the Master Cleanse. More »

Ready-To-Click:Willow Smith’s Style Evolution

Ready-To-Click:Willow Smith's Style Evolution

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