Should Men’s Magazines Stop Doing ‘Least Attractive’ Lists?

Should Men's Magazines Stop Doing 'Least Attractive' Lists?

No matter how much a celebrity is buffered by PR people, yes-women, money, status, and success, I imagine that being publicly denounced as the “Least Sexy Fill-In-The-Blank” would be a tough thing for any woman to shake off.

Now, that’s never stopped men’s magazines from developing outstanding journalistic content around that critical topic. I’ve never been able to fathom a reason for it, but I guess I sort of hoped it was limited to the infamous list put out by Maxim, and notes circulated by high school sophomores.

But as it turns out, “unattractive women” lists are a bit more common than we might like More »

Bad in Bed With David DeAngelo

Bad in Bed With David DeAngelo

Welcome to Bad in Bed, where we discuss sex and relationship advice that we don’t want, and the people we don’t want it from. Today’s subject is David DeAngelo.

Ladies, I have to be fair here. I’ve been known to be pleasantly surprised by the advice doled out on For instance, their tips for being communicative and enthusiastic during sex.

But right now, there’s a grievous offense going on over there at the hands of one David DeAngelo, who’s doling out advice that might make you vomit up your morning danish. More »