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Australian Retail Chain Sends Rudest Customer Relations Email Ever

Australian Retail Chain Sends Rudest Customer Relations Email Ever

When you go shopping, you generally expect a certain level of politeness from the people who work at whatever store you’re shopping at. If you shop where I shop (i.e. Rainbow), that’s usually accomplished by not saying anything at all (which is, after all, better than being rude and horrible). But Australian chain store GASP likes to yell at customers and pressure them into buying things they don’t want, and if you dare to complain about it, they’ll send you a weird, ungrammatical letter that is basically “YOU SOUND POOR” over and over again. More »

Friday Style Icon: Bianca From ‘The Rescuers’

Friday Style Icon: Bianca From 'The Rescuers'

This week’s Style Icon is an unlikely one: Miss Bianca of the famed Rescue Aid Society (the only cabal of mice in the basement of the United Nations building that won’t give you hantaviris, presumably). Anyway, Bianca was pretty chic for a mouse. She didn’t wear much (weather permitting) but many fashion types would say that means her wardrobe was well-edited: pillbox hats, gloves, fur stoles and everything perfectly accessorized. Here’s some Bianca looks over both Rescuers films. More »

Design: Bad Drawings of Penises Aren’t Art

Design: Bad Drawings of Penises Aren't Art

Sometimes, things that are supposed to be art wind up being more like childish images that you feel certain were created by your neighbor’s 12-year-old son. Some people make this argument about Jackson Pollock — there’s no accounting for taste.

But when I stumbled on this — vinyl wall decals of penises in the colors and designs of national flags, entitled “Dicks of the World” — I knew that somewhere, deep in the bowels of Australia (where this is being sold), some artist had temporarily (I hope) regressed to middle school. More »