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I Was Cursed When I Told Someone ‘Happy Birthday’

I Was Cursed When I Told Someone 'Happy Birthday'

I’m 22. Ok, I’ll admit it. Most of you are probably scoffing at me saying, “Ha. You child.” But I’m not embarrassed. I’m proud to be young. But I’m also afraid because I only have eight more years left to enjoy my 20s. Only eight. Actually less than that as we speak. I’m not saying 30 is old. It’s absolutely not. One hundred is old. Thirty is the new 20. Actually, these days it seems like 40 is the new 20 thanks to Demi Moore and cougars of the like. So turning 30 can’t be that bad. But really, before I continue to dig myself into a deeper hole of agism, I need to ask you something. If someone tells you they just turned 30 and you’re younger than they are how would you respond? More »