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Kate Middleton May Have Accidentally Revealed The Sex Of Her Baby…Let’s Name It!

Kate Middleton May Have Accidentally Revealed The Sex Of Her Baby...Let's Name It!

It is currently a fact that we, the people, know precious little about the inner workings of Kate Middleton and/or her royal fetus. But that paradigm shifted just a little bit yesterday when a well-wisher offered Princess Katherine a stuffed teddy bear and she reportedly said “thank you, I will take that for my d…” Wait, oops, never mind. I command you to un-hear that at once! More »

Predicting Baby Hashtag’s Future

Predicting Baby Hashtag's Future

So, someone named their child Hashtag.

Little Hashtag is going to, from an early age, have a deep rooted desire to compartmentalize everything. You know that scene in high school movies where some nerdy kid shows a chart of how the cafeteria arranged in order of popularity? Hastag is going to do that. Unfortunately, since no one has ever done that in real life, people are going to think that Hashtag is a lunatic.

But he’s going to make great lists, later.

Here are some likely outcomes for other names, since this will be a trend now. More »

Party Favors: Weird Problems

Party Favors: Weird Problems

Don’t you hate it when you drink peoples’ contact lenses? -The Hairpin

10% of parents regret their baby’s name. -DoubleX

Zachary Quinto came out; still really good-looking. -YourTango

“Overcoming my eating disorder.” -The Frisky

The plant people like me need. -StyleList Home

Style tips from Rachel Zoe. -Refinery29

Fashion darling Chloe Moretz does lacy grown-up Dolce & Gabbana. -Styleite

Haircuts by hair type. -YouBeauty

Do you buy re-sold (and marked up) designer collaborations? -The High Low

Awesome: a navy smokey eye, like NARS for Rodarte. -Poshglam

More gnarly shots of model foot carnage on the runway. -The Frisky

The worst Halloween costumes on the market. -Betty Confidential

Black and white and floral all over. Like Kate Moss. -College Candy

Wedding beauty prep begins a whole year before the big day?! -Birchbox

You Need A Drink: And A Baby Name

You Need A Drink: And A Baby Name

Lots of people name their children after people they love – like their parents, or grandparents, or Gallic chieftain Vercingetorix. And lots of celebrities name their children after things they love, like moon units, or apples. And then some name their children after the most important thing of all: whiskey. More »

The Unbearable Lightness of Choosing a Baby Name

The Unbearable Lightness of Choosing a Baby Name

Whether we’re pregnant, trying to get pregnant or simply have a lot of extra time on the internet, plenty of women can spend hours searching for the right baby name. We read lists of the most popular, favorite up-and-coming, celebrity-inspired and literary-inspired (by which I’m always disappointed). From there, we move to the more obscure collections – soap opera names, names from musicals or Gilligan’s Island. We search the names of every ethnicity we might possibly have a connection to. My cousin’s husband is from Moscow, so a Russian name might work. A hundred years ago, someone in my family came over from Croatia, maybe I should look at Slavic names? No, I don’t know how to pronounce them, because I’ve never even heard the language spoken, but there’s history there.

If you’re actually pregnant, this process is extremely stressful. Finding the right baby name is difficult. Getting the father of your child to agree with you is even harder. Thinking of all the possible nicknames your child can get and reconciling with them is the hardest of all. More »