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No One Can Look Like Kim Kardashian, Okay? Stop Trying.

No One Can Look Like Kim Kardashian, Okay? Stop Trying.

Sometimes, I think to myself, “wow, it must have been hard to have been a girl growing up in the 1950′s. I pretty much buy into beauty ideals, so I’d probably have to spend all my time getting myself into cone bras, dying my hair blond, generally trying to look like Marilyn Monroe.”If I have any doubt about that, I can look to any “advice to teen ladies” book from the period and they will assure me that is what I must do to snag a man. And I think to myself, “I’m so glad I live in an age when so many different types of beauty are valued.”

Then I remember that our current cultural beauty icon is Kim Kardashian and I want to kill everything. More »

Party Favors: Alexander Wang’s Fashionable Baby Friend

Party Favors: Alexander Wang's Fashionable Baby Friend

Alexander Wang’s niece, Aila, is unbelievably cute. He hopes she’ll work for him someday. -Styleite

Bright ideas: adding a touch of sex to menswear. -Sugar Laws

Hervé Léger thinks models these days are too skinny, too sad. -Vogue UK

Fall’s feather trend is really putting us in a DIY mood. -Fashion Etc

The second woman (this month) to file suit against American Apparel’s Dov Charney was on the Today show. -The Cut

The Kellys are an Irish-German singing family. This is their horrible song. -The Frisky More »