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20 Models Turned Singers–From The Very Bad To The Surprisingly Okay

20 Models Turned Singers--From The Very Bad To The Surprisingly Okay

Earlier this week, we learned that Gisele Bundchen had recorded a very-not-great cover of a perfect song, “All Day & All of the Night” by The Kinks–we then promptly learned it was a charity single, each download of which benefitted UNICEF and we felt really bad about hating it (just not enough to stop). And two weeks before that? Ubiquitous Brit Cara Delevingne revealed that she can sing, in addition to model and make funny faces.

However, listening to Bundchen’s cover got us thinking: while there have been several high profile attempts by models to become singers (and actresses), how many would we characterize as successful? The answer: not a lot. More »

See Karl Lagerfeld’s Supermodel-Studded Chanel Resort Film

See Karl Lagerfeld's Supermodel-Studded Chanel Resort Film

Karl Lagerfeld loves making short films in support of his various fashion endeavors. The following is one he made for the Chanel Resort 2012 collection, starring supes like Chanel-face Freja Beha, Bianca Balti and the amazing Kristen McMenamy, his muse the Lady Amanda Harlech, and a host of male supers too: Brad Kroenig, Mark Vanderloo and (of course) Baptiste Giabiconi. It’s almost thirty minutes in total, but who doesn’t have thirty minutes to spare for all those beautiful people? …Okay, if you don’t, you can watch the first few minutes which feature McMenamy as a wealthy lady with a raging temper. More »

Red Carpet Rundown: What Attendees Wore To Chanel Resort 2012

Red Carpet Rundown: What Attendees Wore To Chanel Resort 2012

The 2012 Resort season is off! The shows started with a strong collection of monochromatics, pastel tweeds and flowing fabrics at Chanel (sidenote: I recognize the absence of a literal red carpet here but Gravel Walkway Rundown didn’t get the point across). You can check out the full collection, marvel at 46-year-old supe Kristen McMenamy looking magnificent in our coverage from yesterday and in the following gallery see out what famous attendees (like Blake Lively, Rachel Bilson and Alexa Chung) wore to watch the show. More »

Party Favors: These Links Are Royal Wedding Free

Party Favors: These Links Are Royal Wedding Free

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Blake Lively’s Chanel Campaign Is Here

Blake Lively's Chanel Campaign Is Here

It wasn’t so long ago that Karl Lagerfeld’s BFF* Gossip Girl-star Blake Lively was declared the newest Chanel “brand ambassador” (“spokesboobs” seemed marginalizing) for the label’s new Mademoiselle handbag. Now the first image of the campaign is here (more TK, presumably) and is accompanied by the expected squall of publicity, featuring Blake Lively Talking About Her Upbeat Outlook. I am not going to hate on Lively for being permanently delighted, but I am going to share some of her WWD interview and let you be alone with your feelings. More »

See Karl Lagerfeld’s New Video For Chanel, ‘Window World’

See Karl Lagerfeld's New Video For Chanel, 'Window World'

Every so often Karl Lagerfeld likes to roll out a new video he’s made for Chanel, like the one he did a while back in which Lara Stone goes from Chanel boutique to Chanel boutique, stealing whatever she likes. In his latest, Barbora Dvorakova, Magdalena Frackowiak, and (of course) Baptiste Giabiconi play mannequins in an eerily-empty store. Barbora and Magdalena look blank and do their absolute best not to blink until they spot Baptiste, at which point they scurry over to tug at his clothes. It’s called “Window World” and it’s More »