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Sarah Palin IS Fascinating…

Sarah Palin IS Fascinating...

…fascinatingly ignorant. And no doubt that’s why she was featured, alongside the cast of “Jersey Shore,” on Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010.

Why do I repeat what most of us already know about Palin? Well, maybe because her interview with Walters served to remind us of how sexist she is, and yet how deliberately she brands herself that way: More »

Barbara Walters Meets the Cast of ‘Jersey Shore’

Barbara Walters Meets the Cast of 'Jersey Shore'

Tonight, readers, we are all in for a very special programming event. Because tonight marks the debut broadcast of Barbara Walters meeting with the cast of “Jersey Shore” — and it promises to be epic.

The entire cast will be featured in one person’s slot (fair) on Walters’ annual 10 Most Fascinating People, and they will be appearing alongside the likes of Justin Bieber and Betty White. More »