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Gallery: Lady Gaga’s Custom Chanel Dress From Every Conceivable Angle

Gallery: Lady Gaga's Custom Chanel Dress From Every Conceivable Angle

Last night, Our Lady Of Pantslessness hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for her high concept pop-up Christmas store “Gaga’s Workshop” at Barneys New York. And you couldn’t even see any portion of her vulva! For this special occasion, she had a Chanel gown custom designed for her by none other than Karl Lagerfeld himself. Combined with her white hair and frosty accessories, the dress gave off a real “winter holiday ice queen” vibe. She also looked kind of like a Tim Burton character with no feet. Not that everything has to be a contest, but Blake Lively‘s boring blue boobie suit stood no chance against this. More »

Ready-To-Click: Fall Beauty’s Gearing Up

Ready-To-Click: Fall Beauty's Gearing Up

5 Fall must-haves from Barneys’ beauty guru. -Styleite

13 designer finds under $100. -Refinery29

Versace face January Jones’ babydaddy speculation continues. -The Frisky

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Beauty-boosting foods. -YouBeauty

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Gwyneth Paltrow wore a juicy orange to the Coach party. -Poshglam

Shopping Guide: 20 Not-So-Basic Umbrellas To Tough Out Rainy Days

Shopping Guide: 20 Not-So-Basic Umbrellas To Tough Out Rainy Days

Yesterday, our shopping guide was, apparently, a little too season pushy. While we were scouring the internet for nude shoes worthy of an outdoor cocktail party, it was pouring outside our window. Today, we’re being a little bit more realistic by rounding up cool, striking, interesting umbrellas. Granted, some people are the kind that always lose things like umbrellas or sunglasses or what have you, so if you’re one of them, maybe sticking with the cheapy $6 street vendor umbrellas is the way to go. If you’re a little more mindful of your things, however, a nice umbrella is a really good accessory: it keeps you dry, won’t break in a stiff breeze, and can be a cool personal touch. More »

Ready-to-Click: Carry On Enjoying Tom Ford

Ready-to-Click: Carry On Enjoying Tom Ford

False alarm. Keira Knightley has not signed with Tom Ford for six years. -Fashion Etc

Calvin Klein is building a garage for Nick Gruber. Nick Gruber is probably psyched. -New York Post

Kate Moss will continue to be the face of everything all the time. -The Independent

Barney’s and Prada have fallen out. -The Cut

More on that, also Lady Gaga, Topshop collaborations, a new designer Tumblr, and More »

Video: Mariacarla Boscono Stars in Barney’s Givenchy Exclusive

Video: Mariacarla Boscono Stars in Barney's Givenchy Exclusive

Barney’s has released this hallucinogenic Givenchy video to coincide with the launch of the Spring 2011 collection’s availability online. The clip–directed by Ruth Hogben, styled by Panos Yiapanis–shows Riccardo Tisci’s main muse Mariacarla Boscono as she churns eerily in dramatic prints and diaphanous skirts. Here’s a little peak after the jump, but if you want More »

Ready-to-Click: But What Will Come Of Whitney Eve?!!

Ready-to-Click: But What Will Come Of Whitney Eve?!!

Important American Fashion Designer Whitney Port is searching for the perfect boyfriend. -Fashionista

See Kate Middleton’s transformation from (allegedly) “awkward teen to gorgeous fashionista.” -MSNBC

The former creative director of W has become the current creative director of Barney’s. -New York Times

Five reasons to love platforms. -Fashion Indie

Fashion-related reproductive news, an unconventional Miss America, ancient denim and More »

Ready-to-Click: Anna Wintour Scorns Your Childhood

Ready-to-Click: Anna Wintour Scorns Your Childhood

…Anna Wintour titillates Homer Simpson in latex. Good morning. -Fashion Indie

Celebrities: they’re just like us! Nicole Richie wore three different dresses on her wedding day. -MSNBC

Clemens en August, taking over internet discourse as of this morning.

Our first look at Gemma Ward in the Pirates of the Caribbean trailer. -Frockwriter

Recycled Natalie Portman, Leighton Meester’s rain gear, the cheapest Birkin ever and More »

Ready-to-Click: What’s in Kate Moss’ Make-Up Bag?

Ready-to-Click: What's in Kate Moss' Make-Up Bag?

What’s in Kate Moss’ beauty bag? …Surprisingly little. Because she is a supermodel. -The Telegraph

Chinese designer Guo Pei makes pieces with an opulence and attention to detail that rival Galliano’s work at Dior. Check out those stunning shoes. -On the Runway

Could the Rodarte sisters land an Oscar for Black Swan? With all this talk of their nightmare tutus, they seem like a lock. -Coco Perez

And in anticipation of Black Swan, here’s some memorable ballerina-inspired editorials. -Fashionista

Marc goes to Tokyo, Tavi rocks a bindi, Viktor & Rolf touch pinkies and More »