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How To Be Happy Being Single

How To Be Happy Being Single

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I think it’s great that you’re trying to be single and on your own for a little bit. Going from relationship to relationship without leaving time for just you isn’t very healthy. I always encourage everyone I know to be totally for at least a few months of their lives. It’s such an important way to get to know yourself, and to really be ready for a good relationship. After my first breakup, I was single for over three years, and I learned so much about myself during that time. More »

Party Favors: 62% Of Men Want More Sex And Other Statistics to Stress You Out

Party Favors: 62% Of Men Want More Sex And Other Statistics to Stress You Out

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Party Favors: It’s Not You, It’s You

Party Favors: It's Not You, It's You

Is the reason you’re single because – gasp! – you’re actually happier that way? – Lemondrop

It’s not enough that they have chocolate and watches: now the Swiss have invented the “sex box,” which gives prostitutes and their johns a little more privacy. – Time

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MTV and Foursquare have partnered up. If you check into a health clinic to get tested for STDs, you’ll get a fancy new badge. Social networking has never looked so healthy. – Huffington Post

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