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Gallery: The Best Musical Offerings At Fashion’s Night Out

Gallery: The Best Musical Offerings At Fashion's Night Out

Fashion’s Night Out is a unique opportunity for brands to purchase cool points by inviting “buzzy” musicians to play at their temples of capitalism for hangry people in too-tight clothing. In exchange, said bands receive enough money to keep them in pizza and beer for several months, and probably some swag as well, if they’re shameless like that. As a dual citizen of the ladyblogging and music journalism nations, I’ve taken it upon myself to assemble a list of the most entertaining artists playing. Go forth and rock, ye brave people of New York. More »

10 Celebrities We Think Should Be On The Cover Of More Magazines

10 Celebrities We Think Should Be On The Cover Of More Magazines

Last week, we complained about certain celebrities who dominate magazine covers despite their lack of relevancy. So, since we’ve already said who we don’t want on magazine covers, here’s a list of who we would like to see. What’s the difference? It’s not only who is current and relevant – it’s about getting away from a sea of similar-looking white, blonde, thin women and embracing a whole range of definitions of the word beauty. More »

Link Love: The Day That We’re Booking Tickets To Kate Moss’s Bed and Breakfast

Link Love: The Day That We're Booking Tickets To Kate Moss's Bed and Breakfast

Kate Moss wants to open a B&B. She knows that cocaine is not a breakfast food, right? – DailyStar

Beth Ditto walked the runway at Paris Fashion Week for Jean Paul Gaultier – Daily Mail

Older models are in for Paris Fashion week – TheGuardian

The make-up for Zac Posen’s show was inspired by Diana Vreeland -

Gisele went to a French Vogue party with some dude who wasn’t Tom Brady, and that dude has his wine glass balanced on her breast – TheCut More »