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Friday Style Icon: Björk

Friday Style Icon: Björk

Bjork‘s a true original: ever since we first listened to Debut, we’ve had a soft spot for the Icelandic weirdo with the once-in-a-lifetime voice. She’s known for recording more than a few modern classics, her unforgettable videos, oddball collaborations, forays outside music, robot makeouts and, of course… the way she dresses. But it’s not all swan suits and baby buns, people: Bjork’s eccentric style is just as striking as her sound. More »

Gallery: Ranking The Coolness Of All 20 New Dazed & Confused Covers

Gallery: Ranking The Coolness Of All 20 New Dazed & Confused Covers

Happy Birthday to Daze & Confused, which just turned twenty. In celebration of the milestone, they’ve rolled out twenty covers, featuring Kate Moss, Tilda Swinton, Bjork, Chloe Sevigny, Alicia Keys, The Kills, and more. Sifting through the photos, we were unsurprised to find one fashion industry-approved arbiter of cool after another. But! Not all models, Brit-pop frontmen and weirdo auteurs are created equally, so we ranked each cover for that most nebulous quality: coolness. More »

Gallery: Models Eating Pasta In Fashion Magazines

Gallery: Models Eating Pasta In Fashion Magazines

Recently, we spotted Lindsey Wixson in a Terry Richardon-shot editorial slurping some really gross-looking spaghetti. We (and a bunch of other blogs written by people with memories) pointed out that Richardson did the same with Crystal Renn in French Vogue. And then we realized “models eating pasta” is approaching editorial trope territory. I guess because it’s models! eating! pasta! It’s funny because it’s improbable! LOLOLOLOLOLOL More »

And Now: Bjork’s Swan Dress In Legos

And Now: Bjork's Swan Dress In Legos

I guess the internet wasn’t really a thing when Bjork wore her swan dress to some antiquated awards show approximately one hundred million years ago. I also guess some person who really likes Legos is bummed that he never got that good SEO on making a Lego representation of said swan dress. Poor dude. Too bad the internet hates images. Especially images of Lego versions of things. More »

Video: Nick Knight’s Tribute to Alexander McQueen

Video: Nick Knight's Tribute to Alexander McQueen

Got a minute? Miss the genius of Alexander McQueen? Visionary lensman Nick Knight created this engrossing, haunting tribute to the designer: a video featuring some of McQueen’s most memorable pieces, soundtracked by Bjork. Knight told the video was “styled by Edward Enninful and [features] black models only.” The pieces are about to enter the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for their retrospective of McQueen’s career, and Knight felt it “important to have the clothes featured one last time on flesh and blood before the museum takes them away.” To Lee, With Love after the jump. More »

Ready-to-Click: What’s in Kate Moss’ Make-Up Bag?

Ready-to-Click: What's in Kate Moss' Make-Up Bag?

What’s in Kate Moss’ beauty bag? …Surprisingly little. Because she is a supermodel. -The Telegraph

Chinese designer Guo Pei makes pieces with an opulence and attention to detail that rival Galliano’s work at Dior. Check out those stunning shoes. -On the Runway

Could the Rodarte sisters land an Oscar for Black Swan? With all this talk of their nightmare tutus, they seem like a lock. -Coco Perez

And in anticipation of Black Swan, here’s some memorable ballerina-inspired editorials. -Fashionista

Marc goes to Tokyo, Tavi rocks a bindi, Viktor & Rolf touch pinkies and More »