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Iman Says Gaining Weight Is ‘Natural Botox’

Iman Says Gaining Weight Is 'Natural Botox'

Of all the weird contradictory things demanded of us by conventional beauty, I’ve always thought the “skinny body, baby face” thing to be particularly unfair. While there are certainly people who look that way naturally, it’s almost impossible for anyone not named Lily Cole or Cara Delevingne to “achieve” that look without getting surgery on one part or another. More »

8 Things I Learned Working For An Artist

8 Things I Learned Working For An Artist

I first met The Painter in my interview. I knocked on the door of her apartment and heard someone shout “come in” over loud vibratos of Edith Piaf. Cigarette smoke was practically seeping out from beneath the door. I opened the door, and through the dense puffs saw an elderly woman with thin orange hair, a Chinese silk robe, and a red Solo cup in hand. Brown lipstick was smeared all over the bottom half of her face, and her breath smelled like an odd combination of vodka and sherbet. The walls were covered in enormous paintings of planets, which I later learned were called “Spacescapes.” And the place was a mess. More »

Portraits Of Extreme Plastic Surgery Ask: “Can Humans Create A New Kind Of Beauty?”

Portraits Of Extreme Plastic Surgery Ask: "Can Humans Create A New Kind Of Beauty?"

Photographer Philip Toledano‘s series “A New Kind of Beauty” raises some interesting questions about the relationship between plastic surgery and beauty–questions we’ve wrestled with on this very blog. Can altering oneself cosmetically be a form of self-expression? Or is it always, at least in part, determined by prevailing opinions about beauty? Opinions, of course, that are often sexist, racist, classist and all kinds of barbaric. Toledano’s strange, unsettling images concern those who have taken plastic surgery to extremes, but depicts them in classical portraiture. More »