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How Attractive Are You To Men?

How Attractive Are You To Men?

Ladies, Esquire 1949 is here to help you understand how to be attractive to men (and whether your crazy hat is already attractive men!) Take note of no. 5: Do men marvel at your capacity to hold your liquor?

They shouldn’t. Don’t be afraid to be a sloppy mess. Let your mascara just run down your face in rivulets, lady. More »

Women Don’t Want To Be Married. We Just Want To Be Rich.

Women Don't Want To Be Married. We Just Want To Be Rich.

A few friends were talking the other day about how they know women who have settled down and gotten married, primarily because they had reached a certain age and they felt like it was time. And, of course, because they wanted kids. And they did not want to raise kids alone.

I’m not disputing the notion that those are valid reasons – and they motivate plenty of men, as well as women! – but they do strike me as a reasons that could be solved not with a wedding band, but with the accumulation of massive dragon-hoard’s like stash of cash. More »