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Party Favors: So It Really Is True That Love Hurts

Party Favors: So It Really Is True That Love Hurts

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I Love You For Your Mind

I Love You For Your Mind

It’s not your heart you have to worry about, it’s you head. At least, when you’re in love with a zombie. Which happens all the time. At least to me. But I don’t want to go down that dark path. In general, I think we all know that once someone is inside your head they are exactly 7 minutes away from getting inside your heart. Which is why we like the Grey Matter necklace from Beat-Black. Because it’s just how things are. $25 More »

Love Is Real

Love Is Real

Hey, good/bad news, love is a real biological phenomenon! Which is great, because the next time you’re watching Casablanca with your and she turns to you and says “love isn’t real, it doesn’t exist,” you can be like, “hell yes, it does. Science, bitch.” That’ll shut her up. Also, things will get better once you’re out of high school.

However, it’s bad, because it means those ideas about how you’re going to slowly fall madly in love with that guy who is really, really nice if you just hang in long enough aren’t really true, at least from a chemical standpoint. According to the meta-analysis study conducted by Syracuse University Professor Stephanie Ortigue: More »