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One Girl Mashes Up ‘Roar’ And ‘Brave’ So Beautifully That You’re Going To Feel Prettier After Watching It

One Girl Mashes Up âRoarâ And âBraveâ So Beautifully That Youâre Going To Feel Prettier After Watching It

Looking for proof that the Pop Culture Gods not only exist, but work in overtime during this time of year? Well, look no further than this mash-up that Youtube user CararoseDP99 did of Sara Bareilles’ “Brave” and Katy Perry’s “Roar.” It’s what we in the mash-up industry like to call perfect. Absolutely perfect.

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Finally! A Designer Gas-Mask!

Finally! A Designer Gas-Mask!

For a long time at TheGloss we’ve been saying that the “bravest” fashion statement you can make is wearing a gas mask and paisley bikini. That’s because we think when fashion editors call something “brave” they just means “real, real stupid, but we don’t want to offend potential advertisers.” I think this Louis Vuitton gas mask is just. so. brave. (To be fair – it’s not really fashion, its art. Done by Dutch artist Diddo Velema.) – Buzzfeed More »