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Illustrated Guide: How To Stay Friends After A Breakup

Illustrated Guide: How To Stay Friends After A Breakup

Recently, a friend and I were discussing the challenge of how to stay friends after a breakup. She was caught between the time-honored dilemma of thinking it was the adult thing to do and wondering what the point of it would be. Well, I’ve heard you, friend, and I’m here to help. This week’s Illustrated Guide offers some helpful tips for trudging through a long, slow, pointless impersonation of congeniality with someone you used to love. More »

Kiri Blakeley: How to Date Again After Breaking Up with Your Gay Fiance

Kiri Blakeley: How to Date Again After Breaking Up with Your Gay Fiance

Kiri Blakeley’s memoir, Can’t Think Straight, could be subtitled “how to get back in the dating game after your fiance tells you he’s been cheating on you with dudes.” Though the first chapter of the book is about how she dealt with her boyfriend-of-ten-years’ revelation, the rest is about getting back into the dating game and going on with her life, with alternately sad and hilarious results. She talked to TheGloss about how she moved forward. More »

Would You Ever ‘Keep Up Appearances’ in a Relationship?

Would You Ever 'Keep Up Appearances' in a Relationship?

As much as I detest Camille Grammer on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, hearing the story of how she knew her marriage to husband Kelsey was over really tore at me. Kelsey was based in New York to do La Cage aux Folles on Broadway, while Camille and the kids were back home in Malibu. When she came out to New York to attend the Tonys with her husband, Kelsey told Camille that he wanted to split up because he’d met someone new. However, he though that they should attend the awards together as a couple and she should stay at a hotel instead of his apartment. She went through with it. More »

Party Favors: Shakira’s Breakup Kit

Party Favors: Shakira's Breakup Kit

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How to Get Rid of Your Toxic Ex Once and For All

How to Get Rid of Your Toxic Ex Once and For All

He’s the dirty-dog Ronnie to your perpetually-doormatty Sammi, and no matter how awful he is to you, you just can’t walk away. Almost every woman has or had one: the toxic ex. What is it about certain guys that sends otherwise smart, self-assured women careening headfirst into a bad relationship? While there’s no telling how women fall under the spell of these guys, there are some tried and true ways to extricate yourself from a poisonous relationship and, eventually, into one where you’re happy and respected. More »

Modern Etiquette: Why You Can’t Solve Problems on Twitter

Modern Etiquette: Why You Can't Solve Problems on Twitter

Earlier this year, singer/celebutante Kelly Osbourne and her then-fiance, model Luke Worrall, split up. The split was messy, with Kelly accusing Luke of cheating on her. Now, she has taken to her Twitter account to bash Luke and talk about what a bad guy he is. Although it should seem quite clear that Twitter is not a good way to deal with interpersonal issues, Kelly’s recent behavior makes me think that this concept could stand to be reiterated. So here goes. More »

Party Favors: Here’s A Way To Put The “Hoe, Hoe, Hoe” In Christmas

Party Favors:  Here's A Way To Put The "Hoe, Hoe, Hoe" In Christmas

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