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The Editors Debate: Is Plastic Surgery ‘Immoral’?

The Editors Debate: Is Plastic Surgery 'Immoral'?

On Monday, we asked some ladies what kind of plastic surgery they’d get. Responses varied, but a few expressed extreme disdain for the practice, even the word “immoral” was thrown around. Plenty of commenters cried foul but more than a few agreed that it was, indeed, immoral. Now Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Wright and Deputy Editor Ashley Cardiff must debate to the death. Loser has turkey neck forever. More »

Real Talk: Men Tell Us If They Like Fake Breasts

 Real Talk:  Men Tell Us If They Like Fake Breasts

After our poll on plastic surgery yesterday, we thought “but wouldn’t it be weird to be all breast-squeezing and such and then come upon… whatever fake breasts feel like? Bags of sand, maybe? That must be so weird!” We have a hard time describing “foreplay.” But there seem like there are women who want to make a point out of how their breasts are real, so we asked male friends whether or not encountering fake breasts would bother them. Also, whether they feel like bags of sand More »

This Woman Stayed Awake For Her Breast Implants

This Woman Stayed Awake For Her Breast Implants

On purpose.

You know, there’s an urban legend that Roy Cohn – the lawyer responsible for the deaths of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg in the 1950′s – requested only local anesthesia for his face lift. Supposedly he did it to show that he could withstand anything (except wrinkles!) The legend goes along with a lot of comments about him being bereft of feeling, and, generally, the devil. I think Tony Kushner uses it Angels in America as an example of how Roy Cohn was just one scary, twisted wombat. More »

Party Favors: The Title for ‘World’s Biggest Boobs’ is Now Vacant

Party Favors: The Title for 'World's Biggest Boobs' is Now Vacant

Brit boy band, JLS, is launching a safe sex campaign by selling condoms with their pictures on it. I’m not exactly sure if this is promoting safe sex or narcissism. – Sky News

Sheyla Hershey, the woman with the world’s biggest boobs, removed her 38M (!!) implants today after developing staph and strep infections. But if she is no longer the bearer of biggest boobs, who is? – Huffington Post

The German Communist Party sent pens that display a naked woman with just one click to young students. Damn Communists. – Crushable

Since the fallout of Craigslist’s adult services section, a new forum for prostitute reviews has emerged and the only way it’s getting away with promoting prostitution is by claiming all reviews as fictional. – TresSugar More »

Buy a Raffle Ticket, Win a Boob Job

Buy a Raffle Ticket, Win a Boob Job

I hate raffles, mostly because I never win anything. But I’d actually consider entering this raffle in Venezuela, if only for the humor value – a politician named Gustavo Rojas is offering free breast implants as a prize for the raffle he has organized. Funds from the raffle go to support Rojas’ campaign for National Assembly. It does sound like a pretty sweet prize, but does the size come picked out ahead of time? More »