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Shaming Women For Breastfeeding ‘Discreetly’ Is Just As Bad As Telling Them To Cover Up

Shaming Women For Breastfeeding âDiscreetlyâ Is Just As Bad As Telling Them To Cover Up

Public breastfeeding shouldn’t be controversial, but unfortunately we live in a society where it is. Countless times we’ve seen women shamed, asked to cover up, and even asked to leave places for the simple act of breastfeeding an infant. That sort of shaming is hurtful and ignorant. Equally damaging, though, are members of the breastfeeding community who shame ultra-modest women for their feelings about their own breasts and bodies. More »

Crass Cougar Life Billboard That Sexualizes Breastfeeding Is (Thankfully) Coming Down

Crass Cougar Life Billboard That Sexualizes Breastfeeding Is (Thankfully) Coming Down

Cougar Life, a “the premier online dating service that pairs women in their prime with younger men,” is taking down its controversial new LA billboard after pressure from the community. What’s so controversial about the billboard, you ask? It depicts a naked breastfeeding woman with the word “Jealous?” in a thought bubble attributed to her (presumably male) baby. Yeeesh. More »

Party Favors: Whip Your Giant, Insane Wig

Party Favors: Whip Your Giant, Insane Wig

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Party Favorites: I Have To Return Some Videotapes

Party Favorites: I Have To Return Some Videotapes

“Dude has an issue with ladies, ladies with their tiresome “thoughts” and “emotions,” and none of these characters has a single problem that couldn’t be cured in two steps: Stop doing coke, stop banging hookers.” -The Hairpin

Excise workday baggage from your home. -ShelterPop

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Party Favors: Sad Baby Vogue

Party Favors: Sad Baby Vogue

1) Why are the Vogue Enfants so miserable? 2) Why is there a Vogue Enfants? -Styleite

Reed Krakoff’s Boxer bag was inspired by the tape boxers use to wrap their fingers and it’s gorgeous. -Midtown Girl

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