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Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Breasts Will Save Lifetime’s The Client List

Jennifer Love Hewittâs Breasts Will Save Lifetimeâs The Client List

Lifetime‘s new series The Client List has everything that the network’s loyal viewers love: Bad dialogue, characters who change their personality on a dime, and the utter logic of a former pageant queen giving happy endings to keep her children in their Texas mansion. Somehow, all of these qualities that would brand a show as bad on a major network work in perfect tandem to make The Client List laughably entertaining and sopay.

But even with this strange confluence of bad qualities, there’s no guarantee that the show will last past a few episodes. Why did the producers decide that they could afford the risk of turning a story that was already a two-hour guilty-pleasure TV movie into a bonafide weekly series? Because they had their ace in the hole, that unites the show’s many empirically bad qualities and will draw in viewers: Jennifer Love-Hewitt‘s breasts. More »

Real Talk: Men Tell Us If They Like Fake Breasts

 Real Talk:  Men Tell Us If They Like Fake Breasts

After our poll on plastic surgery yesterday, we thought “but wouldn’t it be weird to be all breast-squeezing and such and then come upon… whatever fake breasts feel like? Bags of sand, maybe? That must be so weird!” We have a hard time describing “foreplay.” But there seem like there are women who want to make a point out of how their breasts are real, so we asked male friends whether or not encountering fake breasts would bother them. Also, whether they feel like bags of sand More »

Good Lord, Look At Christina Hendricks’ Cleavage

Good Lord, Look At Christina Hendricks' Cleavage

Did anyone else watch Firefly? If not, you should have, it was a show about space cowboys, you would have really liked it. Anyhow, there’s this one – actually two! – episodes wherein Christina Hendricks comes onboard the ship and every single male character falls in love with her. And while I watched it, at the time, remember this was 2002, long before Christina Hendricks was Christina Hendricks, I thought “you know, they’re overplaying that a little bit. I mean, yes, that red-head certainly is beautiful, but I’m not buying that suddenly OMG EVERYONE LOVES HER. She’s not even really the prettiest woman on the show, (on that note, what is Morena Baccarin doing lately? Good stuff, I hope!) let alone the prettiest woman in the entire galaxy.” And it surprised me, because it seemed like a sloppy move for such an excellent show.

So, anyhow, I was young and foolish, I guess. This was how. I mean, Jesus Christ. More »