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Stars Ponder Lindsay Lohan’s Absence In A Glamorous Fashion At The LA Premiere Of The Canyons

Stars Ponder Lindsay Lohan's Absence In A Glamorous Fashion At The LA Premiere Of The Canyons

Last night, the hotly anticipated Lindsay Lohan/James Deen vehicle The Canyons opened in its native Los Angeles after being summarily rejected by SXSW, Sundance and early reviewers alike. All the film’s stars brushed off their cheesiest, most Hollywood glam duds for the occasion, with the glaring exception of Lindsay herself, which was especially strange considering she’s been busily engaged in staging a career comeback since leaving rehab last week. Is Lindsay avoiding the spotlight for the sake of her mental health, or did she simply skip the premiere because it was not enough about her for her liking? Regardless, LiLo’s lovely avatar kept watch over the proceedings from the movie’s numerous posters like so many airbrushed ghosts. More »

Is Everyone Doing Cocaine Without Me?

Is Everyone Doing Cocaine Without Me?

The last time I was offered cocaine, it was by a woman snorting it off a porta potty toilet at Fashion Week. This was a few years ago and I always kind of kept this inciden mind. Periodically, often while waiting for 7 years to get into a bathroom at Rose Bar, I would ask myself “who does cocaine?”And Myself replied in this beautiful Margaret Thatcher voice “people who don’t fear the porta potties at Fashion Week.” So, people who are destined to die, soon. More »

Is Facebook Destroying 20-Somethings’ Sex Lives?

Is Facebook Destroying 20-Somethings' Sex Lives?

Fun fact: no one I know is on coke right now that I can see. Also fun fact: everyone I know having sex is in a monogamous relationship.

So, half of those facts go along with Nate Freeman’s piece on “Sexless and the City: Web Warps Libido Of Coked Up Careerists.”

If you haven’t heard, 20-somethings aren’t having one night stands anymore. Rather than breakfast we’re now having a few lines at Tiffany’s and then going home so we can get up at 6 to log on Facebook before going back to work.
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