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Gallery: Kim Kardashian’s Official Wedding Photos Have Arrived And Now We Can Be Whole Again

Gallery: Kim Kardashian's Official Wedding Photos Have Arrived And Now We Can Be Whole Again

Remember how Kim Kardashian got married and it was supposed to be Our! Royal! Wedding! and then it wasn’t because the Kardashians are off-putting and terrible? Well, TheGloss posted some photos and then we (and every blog) got a sternly-worded letter from People asking they be taken down. Thankfully, TMZ just got the full batch–seriously, almost 100 photos of your least favorite people in the world!–and now we are posting some because, honestly, I felt spiritually incomplete without the ability to gawk at Kim Kardashian’s hideous fucking Sexy Childlike Empress Halloween costume. More »

Kate Moss’ Wedding Registry Is Much Less Annoying Than Kim Kardashian’s

Kate Moss' Wedding Registry Is Much Less Annoying Than Kim Kardashian's

Kate Moss and The Kills’ Jamie Hince are getting married and it was only a matter of time before the British press got a hold of their wedding registry. As one of the world’s most successful models, it goes without saying that Moss wants some fancy stuff… but it’s nice to know she hasn’t completely lost touch with reality. Though she lists pricey champagne and the like, her wishes also include cheap wine, ceramic mugs and a jelly mold. Apparently the supermodel’s wedding registry looks partially like this: More »

Gallery: Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Registry Contains Hermes Flatware, A $6500 Vase, Crystal Monkeys

Gallery: Kim Kardashian's Wedding Registry Contains Hermes Flatware, A $6500 Vase, Crystal Monkeys

The gunshoes over at Hollywood Life uncovered Kim Kardashian’s wedding registry. To all those invited (presumably the entire staff down to the mail boys of every national celeb weekly) (and most international ones), you can now rest easy: gift buying is made quick and convenient. Baubles like $1,100 ashtrays and $735 for crystal “three wise monkey” figurines ahead. More »

Party Favors: Your Decor Is Aging You…?

Party Favors: Your Decor Is Aging You...?

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Party Favors: Meet Katy Perry’s Biggest Fan

Party Favors: Meet Katy Perry's Biggest Fan

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Party Favors: Facebook Manners

Party Favors: Facebook Manners

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