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Gallery: Evening Rituals That Won’t Turn You Into Bridget Jones

Gallery: Evening Rituals That Won't Turn You Into Bridget Jones

You’re relaxing alone by taking a bubble bath while drinking a glass of red wine? Because you just got back from your yoga class where you meditated? Oh, and afterwards you’re going to eat some low-fat ice cream while watching animal videos on YouTube?

Oh, God, us too. Shit.

All of these activities, taken individually, sound fine. All of them coupled together are morphing us into a Bridget Jones caricature. So we came up with some newer, cooler alternatives.[
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Penelope Bagieu: Meet Paris’ Most Popular Blogger (And Her Alter Ego)

Penelope Bagieu: Meet Paris' Most Popular Blogger (And Her Alter Ego)

Writer and illustrator Penelope Bagieu is one of the most popular bloggers in Europe, but until now she’s been an unknown in America. Her blog Ma Vie Est Tout a Fait Fascinante (My Life Is Completely Fascinating) chronicled Bagieu’s life, complete with illustrations. She then created a character named Josephine and has written three graphic novels about Josephine and her life adventures in Paris. (Though the books are currently available only in French, the fetching illustrations make it fun and relatively easy for non-speakers to follow along.) In her first-ever U.S. interview, Penelope talked about Paris’ blogger scene, how to create your opposite, and whether it’s true that American women are less stylish than French ones. More »