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Gallery: ‘Scared Bros At A Haunted House’ Is My New Favorite Thing On The Internet

Gallery: 'Scared Bros At A Haunted House' Is My New Favorite Thing On The Internet

I don’t know if it’s because it’s Friday or I’m hopped up on cold medicine or what, but these photos of scared bros at a haunted house are bringing me endless joy. They come courtesy of Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, CA, and they are a barrel of laughs. Something about seeing a guy who has dressed himself in “tough” clothes like a sports jersey and baseball cap cowering in fear of silicone monsters just makes me cackle with schadenfreud-y glee. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. More »

How to Go Home With a Bro

How to Go Home With a Bro

One of the most frat-boy-licious sites on the internet,, has a special section devoted to girls they’d like to bring home to mom.

It’s a top honor, you know, going home with a bro — you might get the chance to witness a full-blown hometown bro-out, complete with repeated hug/backslap combos, fist bumps, and hollering of “OOOHHHH!” while flapping a hand in the air with a hat turned backwards and a collar popped.

So how can you be the lucky lady that witnesses this primal display of bro-ness, and also have the pleasure of meeting a woman who raised a bro? Let’s take a look: More »